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  1. Do you prefer playstation or xBox?
  2. I found a band called "Ice Nine Kills"...they are pretty good. What about you?
  3. Click on the Browse tab in the menu to go to Downloads I have added a few from my vBulletin styling days... OffTop Magazine Frontier Free to download at anytime.
  4. Phillip


    Version 1.0.0


    My very first style that I have done so far for vBulletin and I hope you all like how it turns out. I don't know what I was really doing so I threw something together and got this, hoping it turned out alright with it. I'll probably end up fixing some problems with files and images in the next version. This style changes places with footer and header templates, switched it a bit and whatnot. I just hope it works, just a bit nervous on this release of this style. A little color style - Gray, white and blue color towards the style. Easy to install. ---------------------------------------- Instructions ---------------------------------------- 1. Upload the OffTop folder to your images directory. 2. In your AdminCP, go to Styles & Templates -> Download / Upload Styles -> Import Style XML File 3. Upload the XML file from your computer. Merge Into Style: NO Ignore Style Version: YES Title for Uploaded Style: OffTop Parent Style: - Display Order: - Allow User Selection: - 4. If you haven't already clicked install, click it! --------------------------------------- Updates ---------------------------------------- December 4th: I removed the modified template for header went with the default and fixed the Code Block Width and Space Size I removed those from the .xml files - I have also fixed the width sizes for the Fixed and Fluid styles. The file is named Off-Top 1.1 --------------------------------------- Notes ---------------------------------------- Please leave my copyright line in there. A lot of time was put into this style. I'd really appreciate it if the credit was properly given. Thank you! All done! Enjoy
  5. Phillip


    Version 1.0.0


    There is a FREE version in Wordpress admin control that you can use, so if you are looking to being more on the same style as the Magazine Wordpress within that...This style is for you and there are some stuff that still needs some adjusting in there like the button colors and whatnot...but it works.
  6. Phillip


    Version 1.0.0


    This is the first version of this theme, working very hard on getting it to look good.I’ve tried added most of what was on the regular theme for this…The changes within this theme is in Footer and Header. A lot is dealing with CSS. Upload the .xml file to your forum and use the default style as a parent of the style.
  7. Welcome to the forum, @bittersweet
  8. That is actually enabled on here. :)
  9. We have converted to IPS and hoping to get this place going soon. :P Suggestions for 1L2FG.com are find in the proper forums. :)
  10. Favorite Gaming console ever?
  11. What is your favorite technology within the last 20 years?
  12. What have you recently watched or currently watching?
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